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Critique du film "M. le Maudit" par les élèves de 1L1

Publication : par Jérémy MARTIN

M. le Maudit, film review by Shana M. 

Last Wednesday I saw the movie « M le maudit » with my class. It was produced before the second World War in Germany. It talks about the psychosis that inhabitants experience because a dangerous and crazy man kidnaps and kills young girls.
This movie was different from the other one that we saw in the past because it was very dark and not as happy as « Starship Troopers » (even if it was not always happy but funnier than « M le maudit »). The character of the killer was very strange but also deranged because, as he said at the end of the movie, he didn’t seem to know what he was doing. It gets the audience to reflect on the situation and ask a lot of questions like - did the killer lie to escape justice or was he really crazy ?
I appreciated the movie because of that and for me it was the best film we saw even if it was gloomy but the film was interesting.