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Critiques du film "Starship Troopers" par les 1L1

Publication : par Jérémy MARTIN

Starship Troopers, film review by Tétyana S. in 1L1
The movie Starship Troopers is a Paul Verhoerven movie produced in 1997. It is an action, war and science fiction movie. The sound track was a big success and it supported some scenes of heroism and tension to give the audience shivers. The movie is full action and the actors play perfectly well, we quickly grasp what the characters are up to. A war breaks out between two intergalactic worlds and the human beings are forced to fight arachnids. The main heroes have no rest and have to fight all the time. I see that there is war propaganda in the USA.
Indeed, it has an air of American propaganda - the characters look like Nazi soldiers with blue eyes and strong bodies. The movie is violently anti-militarist and criticizes American interventionism in the world. The film producer denounces the war propaganda that should benefit the country but the audience understands that this is a scam.

Starship Troopers, film review by Shana M. in 1L1
A few weeks ago, I saw the movie « Starship Troopers » with my class. It belongs to the science-fiction genre. The film was made by Paul Verhoeven, a famous producer thanks to the movie « Robocop » created in 1987 with Will Smith.
In the twenty-third century, the federal army needs and recruits teenagers who want to defend our planet against giant and dangerous insects which come from another planet. In the movie, we have a lot of violent scenes, we saw blood, severed human limbs and other disgusting things.
Personally, I didn’t really like the movie because the scenes were clichés. For example, the main character never dies (Carmen, Rico), the beautiful girl is saved and the black character dies.

Starship Troopers, film review by Esperencia J. in 1L1
On Wednesday, March 7th, I went with my class and my English teacher, Miss Beaulieu, to the cinema. We watched an American movie called STARSHIP TROOPERS. This movie was produced in 1997 by Paul Verhoeven, a Dutchman who was born in 1938 in Amsterdam. He migrated to the United States in 1986. And he has made seven long films, some of which have been national success stories or caused scandal. For example, Robocop which is one of his movies, was out in 1987. It is a science fiction movie, which had a very big success for its mixture of political satire, special effects, extreme violence and its vulgar gags.
In all his movies, Paul Verhoeven deals with the theme of consciousness - how can one be conscious when man is asleep under the mask of machines and images ?

A summary
The main characters are Carmen, Carl, Johny and Dizzy. This movie takes place in the future. So, in the XXIII century, giant insects attack the earth from the planet Klendathu. People are sent to the planet Klendathu where human troops are massacred by some sort of huge spiders. A year earlier, four students who are the main characters join the army. Carmen and Carl want to be pilots but Johny wants to join the army to be with Carmen his girlfriend. Dizzy who is in love with Johny also joins the army. Shortly after that, Carmen leaves Johny and finally becomes a pilot. In the mean time, Johny and Dizzy receive hard training and they end up being together. The four main characters are deployed in a bloody battle where humans and insects clash. Dizzy dies, pierced by the leg of the one of these animals but the central brain of the enemy camp is finally captured.

What do you think ?
I liked the movie, I thought I was going to be bored. Firstly, I found that the setting, the special effects were quite realistic and successful and the insects were awesome and disgusting. Then, I found that all the characters were playing their roles well. I liked the character of Johny because he did not give up, he went all the way despite the accidents, the difficulties and the death of his girlfriend. Finally, I did not like the part where women and men took their showers together, it was funny but weird. I also think Dizzy should not have died because it was Johny’s girlfriend who was the hero and it was quite sad.