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Trip to England - March 2018

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Trip to England - March 2018

Here are some pictures taken Monday March 19th at Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford upon Avon.

​The weather was cold but sunny. The students were able to participate in a brief performance of some famous scenes from Shakespeare’s best known plays guided by young professional actors.


Après une longue journée qui s’est bien passée à proximité de Chester au Park Hall Countryside Experience et dans la ville de Chester elle-même. Voici à nouveau quelques photos qui pourront susciter le sourire - élèves déguisés en écoliers à l’ère victorienne.

Here are a few LGB students ready to attend their first Victorian era lesson in the 3 Rs - reading, writing/recording and arithmetic/reckoning. They all enjoyed it !

Two more pictures of our guided walk through Chester with a bilingual French-English guide. Beautiful and varied architecture, some dating back to Roman times.
​From the English teachers and students.